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Digital Kids Today is a full day conference hosted by Filmby Aarhus and Funday Factory. The conference is addressed to everyone who develop or engage in digital content, experiences and products for children.

Since the establishment in 2017, the purpose of the conference has been to share knowledge and insights while creating a foundation for networking and business development across participants from different industries.

The conference is an annual recurring event and is based on children’s ever changing digital media consumption which forces marketeers, product & content developers to be on their toes to reach their audience.

With Digital Kids Today, we shed light on kids as digital media consumers. 
By inviting some of the world’s most prominent content producers and specialists within kids’ development and behaviour, we provide consumer insight & market research, share case examples and best practices on digital engagement for kids.

Theme 2019


This year’s conference theme sheds light on bridging digital and physical play in relation to IP’s as well as how to monetize your brand.

The programme will present a range of professional speakers from the games, media and toy industries to provide their insight and knowledge on the conference theme.

Throughout the day, the programme will allow for networking across professions, industries etc. - all with the purpose of gaining new knowledge, sharing insights and meeting potentioal business partners.

The program will be updated as it develops.


An international meeting point

From the very beginning, Digital Kids Today has had an international reach both in terms of programme and participants.

The desire to create an international meeting point for knowledge sharing and networking within the creative industries has been met with great success.

Previous years…


Highlights from Digital Kids Today 2018

For the second year in a row, Interactive Denmark, Cross Motion and Funday Factory hosted the conference Digital Kids Today. The conference that started in 2017 has proved to touch upon an area of interest that attracts both international speakers as well as a growing audience. At the 2018 conference, we’ve seen an overwhelming support with a 100% increase in the number of attendees - creating a buzzing atmosphere and a room for great networking.

Digital Kids Today 2018 was an all-day conference with 7 different - and very interesting - talks. All of them based on the subject of today’s digital kids. The speakers touched upon themes such as children’s safety, the role of voice in life and play, the split role between producing and publishing content, the importance of humour and how to create and IP that is cross-platform functional.

“Building the internet for Kids”
Joshua Wöhle & Paul Nunn, SuperAwesome

With internet safety and personal data being all the rage at the moment, we were more than happy to have SuperAwesome as part of the program. The two super awesome speakers talked about the difficulties of making the internet a kid safe zone, and pointed out the essence of the struggle: Kids are on the internet - but the internet wasn’t built for them. And for anyone who works with the development of digital content, data security seems like a hassle - but SuperAwesome has made it their mission to make the web a safer place and to make people see that rules and regulation are a golden opportunity rather than a threat.

Moderator Paul Tyler sums up Digital Kids Today 2018

More than a hundred people from different industries participated in this year's conference Digital Kids Today. 

The programme presented a wide range of talks within design for kids all the way from the use of voice in life and play through the power and importance of humour, how to develop kid safe tech to creating strong IP's and co-creating with kids.  

Moderator Paul Tyler did a great job guiding us all safely through the day and asking the good hard questions to the speakers. Watch him sum up the day and get an entire day's words of wisdom boiled down to a 15 minutes talk.


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